Our Software

We developed most of these tools and utilities for our own use in IT support work, either because there was no commercial equivalent available, or because we had become disenchanted with the commercial offerings and thought we could do better. We then made the software available to the public as a courtesy.

With the increasing complexity of the latest operating systems, not to mention the need to support both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms,  it's taking more and more of our time to keep them updated. Thus, the real cost in terms of time which could be spent on other activities is getting to the point where we feel that a little crowd-funding would be in order. Payments are accepted through PayPal, which offers a very quick and easy checkout process, plus excellent security. PayPal accepts debit and credit cards too, so don't worry if you aren't a PayPal member.

The software, of course,  remains completely free to use on any number of computers.

Note that downloads are longer available on Sourceforge. They can be accessed here


Our most popular product with over 50,000 Sourceforge downloads plus a good few more from NoNags, MajorGeeks etc, Reprofiler is a tool for reattaching user profiles that have become separated from their accounts. There are two main situations where you might find it useful -When joining or leaving an Active Directory domain, or if you suffer a problem with loading your profile at logon, which causes Windows to replace it with a  temporary one.

Your user profile is the place on disk where the Documents, Music, Videos and other data folders are located. It also stores your custom settings for all of the programs you use. To log on one day and suddenly find that these folders are missing, or are there but empty, can be a traumatic experience, especially if you haven't been doing regular backups. Fortunately in the majority of cases your files are still there, it's just that they have become detached form your account.

Version 1 is a tried and tested product which suits Windows versions from XP through to 8.1. Version 2, recently out, provides faster operation on large networks. It also includes association-repair for Windows 10.  The next version, currently under development, is intended to provide profile reassignment as well as association repair for Windows 10.

For more information on how to use this tool, see the Reprofiler page.

Software Policy

They've been around since Windows XP hit the shelves, but few people have actually encountered them. Software policies are a Microsoft Windows system feature, and when suitably configured they form a surprisingly effective protection against downloaded or pendrive-transmitted malware gaining a foothold on your computer.

The principle here is that of controlling where, on disk, programs can and cannot be run from.

The reason software policies are not so well known, is that there is no easy way to configure them as-supplied. We've changed that.

With our interface you can turn protection on or off instantly from a convenient tray or desktop icon, and add or remove options from a very straightforward text file. In most cases the default configuration will be ideal, anyway. Best of all, the policy can be turned on or off without a reboot. More..

Junction Box

Interesting point which emerged from a Windows forum discussion, is that the one feature which, above all, made users prefer Windows XP to Windows 7 was.. the problematic 'junctions' in Windows 7 profiles. Junction Box won't make the junctions go away (Well actually it can, but the system may not work too well without them) however it makes backup, transfer and restore of user data easier. More..

Okay, you say, another CMS. Yawn. There are zillions of the things on Sourceforge. Mostly college coursework projects, and far from complete or usable. That, and pretty-much all clones of the the standard database-driven paradigm. I mean, why bother with that stuff when Joomla or Wordpress are free anyway?

Well, if you're intending to build a website, or maybe work as a site designer, then we think it might be worth your while to take a look. Mara is different. Different in ways which we've carefully thought about, and which we feel make a big difference to usability, stability and security.

For a start, no database. All data is in files. The page markup is HTML5, the industry standard, so need to learn a new language. Pages are loaded by their actual filename, not as index.php calls, an arrangement which is friendly to both users and searchengines. Plus, Mara sites are portable. Transfer between hosts is mostly just a case of copying the files.

Then again, no form after form after form of endless checkboxes to 'publish' a page, either. Since Mara is file-based, all you need to manage your files with, is an FTP client or an online file manager. We recommend Filezilla or eXtplorer, although your host may provide a cPanel with suitable options already configured. Or, you can use Dreamweaver. We include a means of creating new pages and menu entries online for the sake of your clients, but as a site designer, anything else you do with industry standard tools which there would be little point in duplicating the functions of. That's the beauty of file-based editing. You use the tools you prefer.

If you prefer to make a quick appraisal before spending time reading instructions and specifications, just head-on over to our demo site, log in with the password 'guest' and give Mara a try.  We think you'll agree that our online page editor is so intuitive that no instructions are needed.

-By the way, if you want to see a working example of a Mara-based website as proof of concept.. this is one.

These are our most popular products. See the main menu for others.