MyLogon: Customizing

No doubt most users will want to 'brand' their logon screen with the company identity. Thsi is very easy to do.

Install MyLogon onto a client. In the \Windows\MyLogon folder you should find a file, banner.gif. It is a 360x70 pixel, 256-colour image with optional background transparency. The default looks like this:


Open this in any standard paint program, and replace its contents with whatever you like, so long as the dimensions are kept the same. Replace the exising file with your own, and test. Remember that the background colour must contrast with the window it resides in. Alternatively, if it does not, give your banner a contrasting border.

custom logo

Now copy the file to the server's netlogon share.

To 'push' the new logo to all the clients, add this to the logon script as a command to be Run:

%comspec% copy \\servername\netlogon\banner.gif %windir%\mylogon\banner.gif

Note that the logon script runs in the context of the client's System folder. Therefore you must specify the full path to the banner file, even though the script is itself in the netlogon folder.

More complex customizations can be achieved be rebuilding the source. This is relatively straightforward, the AutoIt build environment having relatively few dependencies. For the addition of features not covered here, or if it's simply the case that you'd rather have the customization work done professionally, you are welcome to call for a quote.