Mara CMS

Our inhouse-developed content management system, Mara CMS grew out of a frustration with the mainstream CMS products, especially in terms of their overcomplexity and security flaws.

Having had a number of Joomla-based client websites defaced by hackers, we decided that there just has to be a better way of doing things.  It may have seemed at first that Wordpress was that better way of doing things, however recent experiences such as the hacking of the Mint Linux website suggest otherwise. Basically, all of the mainstream products suffer from a number of fundamental security issues. -Issues which can never be entirely solved, no matter how much patching or updating is done. Key among these issues are the use of SQL databases and parameterized URLs.

Mara is a file based CMS. It is by no means the only file based product of its kind. For example Kirby, Statamic, Pico, Laravel are all file based. As such, they all offer a substantial security improvement over the SQL-based products. Most are extremely good products, and we'd suggest you give them a try instead of following the pack with a sheep-like  acceptance of the Swiss-cheese security of the 'big three' SQL based  products. 

Two things set Mara aside from the rest though, and those are that real URLs are used instead of parameters, and that the pages are written in industry standard HTML.

By contrast, the majority of file based CMS require that pages are written in a special code termed markdown. Thus, you will have a conversion job to do for any pages you want to import. Perhaps more importantly though, this is a lock-in situation because transfer out to another CMS may be even more problematic. Mara uses HTML, the industry standard way to describe webpages. Sticking to standards, saves trouble.

It's been a long road, and a lot more work than was originally envisaged. Then again, it's the biggest project we've taken on to date. There are still a few rough edges, but most of it works remarkably well. Because of the sheer amount of coding time involved we're looking for a backer to support further development of a product which is the only one of its kind, and which we think has the potential to be a game-changer in the website design industry. 

To get a feel of what Mara CMS is capable of, swing on over to our demo site. Have a browse first, then try editing with the guest logon. I think you'll agree that the editing interface is superbly easy to use, in fact it almost needs no instructions.  Plus, in most cases you get to see the effects of your editing rightwaway.

The new v7 is available on Sourceforge or our download page, and offers drag-and-drop editing.