Internet Access

The range of choice of broadband providers is large and bewildering. Not only that, but anecdotal evidence is bound to suggest that some Internet Service Providers  (ISPs) have a poor record, others better. 

Key Points

For business -as opposed to home- use, a broadband connection needs to meet several criteria:

Fixed IP Address

Probably the most important consideration is that  a fixed IP address must be provided. (or at least, this must be an option)  Without a fixed IP address, the range of facilities which can be provided in terms of roving-access and remote techsupport will be somewhat limited.

Connection by Router

The service should also allow for connection via a router of your own choice. Some services demand that you use a router supplied by the service provider, and which is under their control at all times.

No Portblocks

The service should not operate any kind of port-blocking that would prevent, for example, SMTP delivery of email to your own mailserver.



Online Portal:

Where changes to the setup are needed, it is generally far better if these can be made via an online portal. Those ISPs who have to be telephoned or emailed for every minor change to settings are simply a pain.

The Lowdown:

We've seen sites using a wide range of ISP services, and performance does vary considerably. So does price. What's more, while the most expensive is not necessarily the best, the very cheap offerings are often of very poor quality.

We've been using and reselling Plusnet  for over a decade, and can only say that we have been very satisfied with the service given to us and our clients. One of the key advantages is that the online portal is very comprehensive, thus the majority of wsettings changes can be sone very quickly and simply by us, there beign no need to raise a support ticket. That, and we've always been able to get prompt action on any minor isues that do arise.