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Simple Software Restriction Policy

A security enhancement for Microsoft Windows, this allows a fine-grained control over the disk folders and network shares that programs can be run from. One of the most effective additional protections against ransomware.

Current version Setup. 1568502 bytes. Released 19/10/2018. VirusTotal Report
SHA256: A5D6A2D8CE5F8F80D7CAA54509B8BB30C8483002FC6D7A084391F14C89C92F0A
Contains source code and utilities. Suitable for upgrading earlier versions.
Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and most server releases.
This version allows 'Packaged Apps' on Windows 10 to run. If you don't need this capability you are advised to turn this feature off in the settings, as it reduces security. Details on SSRP minisite.

Previous version Setup. 1551758 bytes. Released 17/6/2016. VirusTotal Report
SHA256: B22502F28AE5BC4B545FF303F6125800F5C8EBC37FECD176053EAEAAAA553138
Contains source code and utilities. Suitable for upgrading earlier versions.
Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and most server releases.


A utility designed to correct situations where a user's document collection becomes detached from the account. Useful for general repair work, and for joining a computer to, or removing it from, an Active Directory Domain.
v3 adds full Windows 10 support, now allowing changes of profile ownership as well as reattachment.

Version 3 Setup. 2060401 bytes. Released 25/10/2018.
VirusTotal report
SHA-256: 1A2DEC4BEC08517DBFEFFF37B702AC363C1FB6A35DB82D62370283FDA6F5D952

Version 3 source and exes, for devs and portable use. 2120267 bytes. Released 26/10/2018.
VirusTotal report (2 false detections, from Cylance and Sophos.)
SHA-256: FF6966055EF4558DA832A8AEF73DA4799B08745586A11901611291BA94F1EA65

Mara CMS

A file based content management system with direct-to-page editing, drag 'n drop photo uploads and video embedding. A more compact and efficient frontend than the big-name CMS packages, pages typically load in under 1s without any need for caching. Mara themes are relatively easy to understand and customize. Create your own website instead of cloning someone else's work!

Released Feb 2019. Production release of Version 7.
SHA-256: 8E915D60FC914CD750358094B0F804BFC5DB871828A8E43DBFC9F9875E57F51F

Visit for the user manual.
Compatible with PHP versions from 5.3 to 7.1.1
SHA-256: 16A55A0A37552B30416FFEE72FC5CE7686FF0490E758FA75D1A7F278E8B9406F (zip)
Previous versions are available on our Sourceforge project.

Version 7.5, released Feb 2019.
Windows Portable version which can be run from a USB pendrive. With LightTPD webserver and PHP.
SHA-256: 719FAC3B3D59BC0F739CB3338B9DAB6A624C7D29CAE24D384BC1358DFA428C28 (zip)
For Windows 7 or later. (See below for PHP5.3 if needed)

Related Items

Older version of PHP for use with the portable release on legacy OS's.
SHA-256: D2FC382F51C07EDABC346B787F26A2D3AE6D2DDDBBF7D09A2E7C693245B424E7

Standalone version of Mara Gallery script with emphasis on fullscreen display of large images.
(This is included in the Mara distribution, so no need to download both.)
SHA-256: 1B3F39D2AF15F96EB4353AEAA2AA78A4EB294C058DB07EF7ED9BE8B953E8215B

Junction Box

A utility to backup and restore the hidden filesystem 'junctions' in Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Version 2.01. 634564 bytes bytes. Released 5/12/2015.
VirusTotal Report on executable.
SHA-256: EF6939F4010A1A8E7F4E5F70C6C1D3DE7046BBB713C2D079B7A27115F15A6EB2 (zip)
Portable, unzip and use. Contains sourcecode.


A simple means of connecting a Windows computer to a fileserver. Useful mainly on small sites where the maintenance of an Active Directory setup would be an overkill, but it is desirable to have a means of authenticating logons and running processes via a logon script.

32bit and 64bit setups, plus source.
SHA-256: 8D36242E8E480E9B610826E1FB34BDD3875DE834D95FFEB57410B293DA5FFE65

Self contained build environment with source and compilers, for coders.
SHA-256: 0225BC6766FA7F9E7B78AA578E15DB3D1EE2B18634B21C605CBCB44D39B8643B


A virus and malware scanning add-on for the MDaemon mailsever, using the ClamAV scanning engine, this is capable of detecting zipped malware and embedded links to malicious websites.
This version is rather old, but still functional with the latest MDaemon except that quarantined files do not show in the mail folder listing. A new version is under development but has not yet been extensively tested.

VirusTotal Report
SHA-256: E2CBD8D94674831F14943513A49FF9080BAE7478F8AA160A21A7BBB0F2DDDB6D (zip)

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